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Procurement/RFP (Request for Proposal) Information Center

Below please find Procurement and RFP pages where information on each active procurement/RFP project can be found including submission documentation, question submission forms, and question responses.

INFO: Questions will only be considered if submitted by the procurement/RFP 'question submission form' found in each RFP and submitted to TCC either via email to or via fax to: 410-341-8974.

Current Projects
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Division Project Name Status Deadline
Lower Shore Workforce Alliance WIOA Out of School Youth Services Awarded 04/07/2017
Lower Shore Workforce Alliance Leadership Academy Awarded 03/10/2017
Lower Shore Workforce Alliance Enterprise Asset Management Software Awarded 06/24/2016
Lower Shore Workforce Alliance PY 16 Out-of-School Youth Services Awarded 06/17/2016
Shore Transit Medium DutyTransit Buses Awarded 03/18/2016
Lower Shore Workforce Alliance WIOA Out of School Youth Services Awarded 08/21/2015
Lower Shore Workforce Alliance TCC Cleaning Services Awarded 06/30/2015
Lower Shore Workforce Alliance HVAC Maintenance & Service Not Awarded 09/03/2014
Lower Shore Workforce Alliance Management & Operation of Regional Transit Advertising Program Awarded 07/09/2014
Shore Transit Propane Conversion TC010-2014 Awarded 03/17/2014
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General Documents & Forms (REVISED: 9/24/2009)
Please use the request for exemption clarification form within each RFP and follow those specific instructions.  Thank you.

Request for Exemption Clarification (Question)
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